How is Gorenjka chocolate made?

The story on how the chocolate came about begins with a small cocoa bean that represents the basis of the chocolate. The bean grows in a pod on an evergreen cocoa tree that thrives only in tropical areas. Gorenjka acquires raw materials from the Ivory Coast.



From cocoa tree to cocoa paste

The pickers collect beans from the pods and leave them lying in the sun so they get slightly purple in colour. They are ready to be roasted. This is followed by fermentation which reduces the sugar level in the beans. Their colour changes to chocolate brown. The beans are then dried, cleaned and pitted. They are roasted at approximately 120 degrees Celsius whereby they develop a rich flavour and characteristic cocoa colours. Rapid cooling prevents further roasting on the inside. The roasted beans are then transported to the mill where kernels are separated from the remaining part. A dense, liquid and brown cocoa paste is created which is rich in cocoa butter and fine cocoa parts. After high pressure exposure of the paste, the cocoa butter is extruded from it. The remainder is ground in cocoa powder. Cocoa butter, cocoa paste and cocoa powder represent the main raw materials of chocolate.



Kneading and rolling of raw materials

The raw materials are kneaded in the kneading machine. Dosing of ingredients (cocoa, sugar, milk) is performed automatically – recipe-based computer-operated performance that has been pre-defined. This ensures that the chocolate always tastes the same. After kneading of the raw materials has finished, it is followed by the so-called rolling of dry constituent parts and cocoa butter using the 2-roll machine. This way we get a smooth and fine structure. The fine ground mass is then smoothed out using the roller machine.




Conching is the heat and mechanical treatment of chocolate mass whereby the last portion of fat and lecithin are added to the mass. During this procedure the chocolate gets its true precious and smooth structure as well as solubility.




After the liquid chocolate mass has been prepared, the production of tablets starts on the tablet production line. The mass is moulded in models and enriched with additives, such as raisins and hazelnuts. The chocolate is then tempered (heated and cooled) so that it gets the appropriate shine and it breaks nicely. It takes 30 to 40 minutes for the chocolate to come through the tablet production line.



Packaging and storing

In the end the chocolate is taken through the packaging machines where it is wrapped in distinctive red wrap. It is now prepared for storage where the temperature is of utmost importance – the chocolate is stored in an air-conditioned room with the temperature ranging from 15 to 20 degrees Celsius.