Gorenjka’s sweet competition

For the first time Gorenjka entrusted young designers with designing chocolate packaging. We invited Visual Communications students from the Faculty of Design and Graphics and Interactive Communications students from the Faculty of Natural Sciences and Engineering to take part in the sweet competition for creating packaging for the 300 g whole hazelnuts chocolate. The students have been selected to create the whole hazelnuts chocolate packaging because it represents the very synonym of Gorenjka. They created a chocolate design to be launched as a limited edition at the end of the year.

Students were given a month to design the chocolate packaging. We received a lot of different proposals, out of which the professional jury selected the seven best entries. The best design selection took place from 19th May to 2nd June on the Gorenjka Facebook profile.

The winning proposal by Martina Grdić received the greatest number of votes.

croped_gorenjka-natecaj-gorenjka-martina-grdic-z-odsevom-450x450 copyMartina Grdić is 23 years old and is finishing the 2nd year of the Master’s Programme at Graphics and Interactive Communication study programme at the Faculty of Natural Sciences and Engineering. During her studies she worked in the design studio but she mostly finds work by herself. After finishing her studies she wants to continue her graphic design career and improve her knowledge. She believes one always needs to expect the best while preparing for the worst.



The winner of the contest was awarded by Gorenjka with 1,000€. Besides this the winning design will be used for the packaging of the limited edition 300 g hazelnut chocolate.

See gallery for other design entries:

gorenjka-natecaj-gorenjka-ksenja-gorenak-z-odsevom-230x230Ksenja Gorenak is a student of the 2nd year of Visual Communications at the Faculty of Design. The 20-year old would like to design books, posters, CD covers, publish socially critical illustrations in newspapers and design various products that would make everyday life more interesting and light-hearted. She wants to become a popular socially active graphic designer and leave her mark in the designer world.   


Danijela Purgar is a candidate for graduation of Graphics and gorenjka-natecaj-gorenjka-danijela-purgar-z-odsevom-230x230 Interactive Communications at the Faculty of Natural Sciences and Engineering. The 24-year old is interested in culture, design, painting, dance, music, and travel. Her passion is also photography. Professionally she wants to improve herself in the field of printed as well as digital media. She finds illustration and 3D modelling especially challenging for her future learning. She follows two mottoes: »Be different and accept difference« and »There is beauty in everything, just not everybody sees it«.


gorenjka-natecaj-gorenjka-dasa-hrvacki-z-odsevom-230x230Daša Hrvacki is 20 years old and is a 2nd year student of the Visual Communications at the Faculty of Design. Because she loves chocolate, design and new challenges, she made design of the new Gorenjka packaging for her goal. In the future she would like to take part in similar projects and therefore she is very happy to take part in this contest.   



Luka Grčar is a 23-year old 2nd year student at the Faculty of Design, Visual gorenjka-natecaj-gorenjka-luka-grcar-z-odsevom-230x230Communications study programme. He gathered most of his experience by working for friends and acquaintances. In his free time he likes to ride a bike. Professionally he would like to design visual identities and packaging. The motto that best describes him is: Less is more.



gorenjka-natecaj-gorenjka-anja-kidric-z-odsevom-230x230Anja Kidrič is a 25-year old 2nd year student of the postgraduate Graphics and Interactive Communications study programme at the Faculty of Natural Sciences and Engineering. Art has been a constant companion since her childhood years. She is interested in various creative work, graphic design, illustration, creation of typography, animation, and painting. Professionally she wants to work in the field of illustration and animation. Her idol is Walt Disney. Her mottos are two Walt Disney’s thoughts: »If you can dream it, you can do it.« and »When you are curious, you find lots of interesting things to do.«.   


Urška Jazbinšek and Anže Ermenc first met gorenjka-natecaj-gorenjka-urska-jazbinsek-anze-ermenc-z-odsevom-230x230in the enchanted Križanke corridors where they decided to embark on their study journey together. They started at the Secondary School for Design and Photography and continued with their creative fun at the Faculty of Design where the 21-year old Urška and a year younger Anže visually communicate following the principle embodied in Georges Clemenceau’s quote about tango: »One only sees faces that are bored and bottoms that are enjoying themselves« – Georges Clemenceau.

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