Cooking products

It is impossible to prepare most cakes, biscuits, creams and drinks without chocolate. The creative culinary result can be predicted and its excellence guaranteed with the use of Gorenjka cooking chocolates and powders.

Milk chocolate icing

The chocolate icing is particularly suitable for icing desserts, cakes and cookies for children. It has a 36% cocoa content. The advantage of the icing over cooking chocolate is that it can prepared without adding any fat.


Extra fine bitter chocolate

For lovers of true chocolate that demand about the full, noble taste of chocolate, we present the new extra fine bitter chocolate. It is distinguished by its high cocoa content, a full 70%, which makes it very suitable for preparing superb chocolate desserts.


Gorenjka Chef cooking chocolate

The Gorenjka Chef cooking chocolate, an indispensable cooking assistant, has a new look and design. It contains at least 45% of cocoa which means that it contains proportionally less sugar. 


Cooking chocolate

The Gorenjka cooking chocolate contains a high cocoa content – at least 45% – which means that it contains proportionally less sugar. With the exception of cocoa butter, it does not contain any other fat. As a result of the finely ground ingredients, it is distinguished by an exceptionally smooth texture.


Powdered chocolate

The Gorenjka powdered chocolate is the most practical choice when according to the recipe chocolate must be added to the dough. Conveniently shaped, it can be easily added to other ingredients without any additional work. It is also suitable as a dessert topping.


Cocoa powder

The Gorenjka cocoa powder is suitable as a supplement in preparing dough and chocolate beverages and decorating coffee beverages. It is also used to sprinkle desserts (tiramisus, puddings, soufflés) and as an addition to everyday dishes, such as milk rice or porridge.