4th Biggest Lions dessert

12 Gorenjka confectioners, each a master of his profession, prepared a 150m long roll. Besides the other ingredients they used 50kg flour, 60kg sugar, 12kg powdered eggs and 2kg of baking powder when baking the dough. In addition, they used 35kg vegetable fat, 20kg powdered chocolate, 2kg cocoa powder and 8kg sugar for the preparation of the delicious cream filling. The dessert in the end weighed 250kg.

The Biggest Lions Dessert has become a traditional event that was this year for the 4th time in a row prepared by the members of the Ljubljana Forum Lions Club in cooperation with Gorenjka and Cockta. Of course, the event could not be realised without two main partners. That is, Žito or in other words Gorenjka and Cockta (or Droga) that this year also prepared a sweet package that contained a piece of the largest roll and a Cockta Chinotto bottle.

The 4th Biggest Lions Dessert was a humanitarian event. The collected funds was this year donated to the National Institute for Blind and Partially Sighted Children and Youth in Ljubljana to help purchase the so-called little rooms for children. The blind and partially sighted children need little rooms to get acquainted with the environment and the world in an easier manner. Such accessories that play an important role in development of their motor skills are required by at least 20 children on a weekly basis. However, it is difficult for their parents to afford them.

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